Public-private partnership grant by Health-Holland: New drug therapies by a better understanding of ubiquitin metalloprotease activity Tools to study ubiquitin metalloprotease activity.



17 December 2019

Public-private partnership grant awarded by Health-Holland


We are happy to announce that UbiQ and Prof Titia Sixma (Netherlands Cancer Institute, Netherlands) were recently awarded a public-private partnership grant by Health-Holland, which is part of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector. Here, research tools developed by Farid El Oualid and targeted specifically at ubiquitin metalloproteases will be validated and improved with colleagues at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. To date, reagents to study the family of ubiquitin metalloproteases have been almost non-existent and the envisioned research tools hold great potential for the scientific community and can form a basis for future drug development aimed at ubiquitin metalloproteases.


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