hit-to-lead discovery

UbiQ can assist your lead discovery in the UPS with our wide range of activity assay reagents. Perfect tools for your high-throughput screening campaign.

UbiQ Assay

Our DUB activity assay reagents proved effective in multiple industrial scale high-throughput screening campaigns. They are available in different assay read-outs (e.g. fluorogenic, fluorescence polarization or bioluminiscence) and complexity (e.g. our class II FP reagents). 



  • high-throughput screening
  • activity assays



  • DUBs and Ubl proteases



  • substrate supply for an undisclosed number of large library screens by our industrial partners
  • custom development of more than 10 highly specialised context specific assay reagents
  • demonstrated performance at independent European screening centers – Pivot Park Screening Center and European ScreeningPort (table 1)
  • five DUB screening campaigns (>1.7 million small molecules)

table 1: UbiQ’s screening reagents used in HTS campaigns*


primary screen +


assay for hit validation


library size

Z’-valuevalidated hits

hit selected for


DUB-001UbiQ-012 (Ub FP)UbiQ-002 (Ub-Rh110)225K0.7 – 0.8293 (0.14%)99 (0.05%)
310K0.7 – 0.8664 (0.21%)182 (0.06%)
DUB-002UbiQ-012 (Ub FP)UbiQ-002 (Ub-Rh110)310K0.7 – 0.8516 (0.17%)152 (0.05%)
DUB-003Ub-like FP reagentUb-like (AMC)310K0.7 – 0.81009 (0.33%)170 (0.05%)
DUB-004Ub-like FPUb-like (AMC)310K0.7 – 0.8ongoingongoing
DUB-005Ub FP class II reagentUbiQ-002 (Ub-Rh110)310K0.75 – 0.8ongoingongoing

* Completed and ongoing HTS programs in which UbiQ’s FP assay reagents were used for the primary screen (single point at 10 μM), and dose-response experiments of validated hits. All assays showed excellent Z’ values (>0.7). After confirmation of the hits with the FP substrate, an orthogonal Ub-Rh110Gly (UbiQ-002) or Ub-like AMC assay was used for validation; the number of hits identified at this stage varied from 0.33−0.14% of the total library. A subset of compounds (in general 0.05% of the total library) is then selected for IC50 determination using the FP assay reagent (10 concentration steps from 0.15 nM−5 μM).


> See UbiQ-Assay fact sheets for more information, available options and references. Also available in Japanese