target identification and validation

UbiQ can assist your target discovery in the UPS with our wide range of activity-based probes.



  • structural studies, target crystallization
  • phenotypic protein profiling on cell lysates for target validation
  • chemical proteomics for target identification (i.e., pull down, purification, western blotting, MS)



  • E1-E2-E3 enzymes (Ub and Ubl)  – with UbiQ activity based Triple E probes
  • all major DUB families (UCH, USP, and OTU) and Ubl proteases – with our activity-based DUB probes
  • proteasome



  • highly specialized custom assay reagents, e.g. substrate context
  • activity-based phenotypic protein profiling service



  • in addition to various activity-based probes, UbiQ has developed more than15 custom probes for a range of customers
  • numerous successfully crystallized DUBs using UbiQ’s activity-based probes, including: USP4, UCH-L5, and the viral ovarian tumor DUB (vOTU), and Ub-PA probes.
  • target validation and identification of DUBs in infectious diseases (University Glasgow / GSK)

> See UbiQ-Probes fact sheets for more information, available options, and references. Also available in Japanese.