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targeting the ubiquitin system
  • latest news

    • 2014, October 18
      UbiQ is attending the EMBO conference in...
      The EMBO conference: 'Ubiquitin & ubiquitin-like proteins: At the cro... read more »
    • 2014, October 06
      Avacta announces anti-diUbiquitin affime...
      Avacta announces the first anti-diUbiquitin affimers for the linkages K48 K33... read more »
    • 2014, May 08
      Avacta Announce Collaboration with UbiQ ...
      First of a series of new Affimer reagents which opens up an important market ... read more »

  • UbiQ-Chains

    Ubiquitin modification regulates most aspects of cell life. Both the type and number of poly-ubiquitin chains, conjugated to a protein target, regulate distinct signals that affect physiological processes. Poly-ubiquitin chains are built by forming an isopeptide bond between the C-terminus of one ubiquitin and one of the seven potential lysines (K6, K11, K27, K29, K33, K48 or K63) of the preceding ubiquitin. All these chain types have been identified in cells and as such access to them is important for studying their biological roles and mode of action. [1]    Wi... read more »