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targeting the ubiquitin system
  • latest news

    • 2015, April 29
      New! phospho-ubiquitin reagents
      UbiQ has developed PINK1/Parkin related phosphorylated ubiquitins in coo... read more »
    • 2015, April 29
      announcing collaboration with Ubiquigent...
      UbiQ and Ubiquigent have entered into a collaboration to commercialise novel ... read more »
    • 2015, April 13
      Cold Spring Harbor meeting, The Ubiquiti...
      UbiQ will be present at the Cold Spring Harbor meeting The Ubiquitin Family&n... read more »

  • UbiQ-Probes

    Activity-based probes for deubiquitylases (DUBs) are based on ubiquitin with a C-terminal warhead designed to react with the active site cysteine residue present in most DUBs and potentially an N-terminal detection tag. The warhead serves an electrophile and reacts with the nucleophilic active site cysteine residue that is present in most DUBs. Our warheads: vinylmethyl ester (VME) propargylamide (PA) vinyl sulfone (VS) N-terminal detection tags: TAMRA Cy5 biotin HA DUB probes can be used for X-ray studies of DUB-Ub complexes or to ... read more »