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targeting the ubiquitin system
  • latest news

    • Publication in Cell on OTU DUBs
      2013, July 03
      Using ubiquitin chains of all linkage type...
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    • Press release
      2013, June 24
      UbiQ and Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam joi...
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    • Publication on active-site directed probes in...
      2013, February 06
      On terminal alkynes that can react with ac...
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  • overview technologies

    Our technology platform consists of three proprietary technologies, UbiQ-Block™, UbiQ-Click™ and UbiQ-Syn™, which allow us to develop unique products and services that have been lacking in the ubiquitin (Ub) field. With these chemical synthesis technologies we can construct any Ub conjugate, Ub mutant and combinations thereof. ...
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goal and mission statement

We develop and commercialize ubiquitin research tools, enabling drug discovery in the rapidly expanding ubiquitin-based field. Our products are targeted at Pharma companies and academic research labs. Next to our reagent business, we develop specific HTS assays and we conduct HTS DUB inhibitor programs, both for internal development as well as partnered with Pharma.