Ubiquitin rhodamine

Ubiquitin rhodamine conjugates are increasingly valuable in the scientific study of protein degradation pathways within cells. These specialized reagents combine the ubiquitin protein with a rhodamine dye, allowing for the visualization of ubiquitin’s role and localization in various cellular processes under a fluorescence microscope. At UbiQ, we develop, manufacture, and commercialize different variants of this reagent.

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Advancements in ubiquitin rhodamine applications

The use of ubiquitin rhodamine has revolutionized the way researchers observe the dynamics of protein ubiquitination in real-time. This innovative tool is instrumental in elucidating the mechanisms of ubiquitin-related modifications and their impact on cellular functions. By providing a fluorescent tag, ubiquitin rhodamine enables the precise tracking of ubiquitin-protein conjugates within live cells, offering insights into the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. This technique has been pivotal in uncovering the temporal and spatial distribution of ubiquitinated substrates, thereby enhancing our understanding of cellular homeostasis and the regulation of protein turnover. We also offer a new ubiquitin-rhodamine110 DUB assay reagent, that doubles the fluorescence intensity.


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